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Congrats to Gary Andersen, Developer of the Phylochip, for Getting a WSJ Technology Award

Joe Derisi and Open Science featured on Voice of America

Humorous sciency signs #2: Squirrel liberation front

Wanted - Evolutionary Genomicist at UCSB

Science Faux Pas #4: Nature wishes their dog ate this advertisement

Davis wetlands pictures

$ 700 billion will buy a lot of taq, LB, submarines, and other things

Humorous sciency signs #1: Please do not molest the spawning salmon

Davis Outdoor Art

Drew Endy talking at Davis tomorrow ....

Science Faux Pas #3: Editirs in Chief

Funny Davis Signs #1

MapMyRun for Davis is a nice way to find new places to explore in town

Lance Armstrong Coming to Davis for the Tour of California

Much ado about plants and blogs in PLoS Biology

What does privacy mean to you? Please complete this survey

Fwd: MG-RAST User Newsletter No.2 -- MG-RAST paper available // NEW version released // 2nd User Workshop planned

Amy Harmon, New York Times, on Open Access publishing

Congratulations to Stanley Falkow, Microbiologist Extraordinaire and Lasker Winner

Caution - Maverick Scientist Ahead

Lake arrowhead notes - UPDATED

Oh brother there art though (Uh oh, my brother has a blog)

It's Miller Time - Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes Conference -- about to begin

Open Science Required Reading: MSNBC on "Era of scientific secrecy nears its end"

Follow up to Amy Harmon's NY Times Story on Evolution

Open Access Pioneer Award #3: Joe Derisi

Blogs getting a bit more respect at UC Davis

Darwin on the Wall

Predicting the future (for molluscs)

Tracing the evolutionary history of Sarah Palin: links to a parasitic nematode and the pathogenic fungus Botryotinia fuckeliana

Science Faux Pas Example #2: V = MA

Science Faux Pas Example #1: 97% of internet users have internet access

Help save the world and get $100,000 seed grant to do it

Quick Post - Spore Sounds Cool

I see PLoS in everything III: PLoS Hats

Cool Plant Comparative Genomics Resource: Phytozome