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Microbiology for the public - Science at the Lesher in Walnut Creek Sponsored by DOE-JGI

Mina Bissell, another of my science heroes, returns to #UCDavis

Updated Again: Compilation of articles, news, blogs about the "arsenic bacteria" NASA study

Some general tips for how to keep up w/ American Society for Microbiology Mtg #ASM2011

Freeing my father's publications part 5: near completion of PDF collection at Mendeley (h/t @David_Dobbs)

Unknown vs. Hawking? Seriously? I mean, I'm not looking to Hawking for faith lessons but not looking to Tyson either. #YAFPRBE

Symposium in Honor of the great Juergen Wiegel: Extremophiles: Key to Bioenergy? UGA 9/19-20

Wanted - OpenAccess figures on introductory molecular and cellular biology topics

Strange things at #PLoS; a public call to get rid of the constraints of describing author contributions

Compiling a list of reporters who cover #microbiology stories well; suggestions wanted

iEVOBIO Call for Lightning Talks #Evolution #InOklahoma

#DavisCA music video from Law Students

UC Davis, home of "Explosive Evolution"

Kickstarter project: Xalts Open Source Text to Speech DB & Touch Screen App #autism #disabilities