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The Xtranormal Case for OpenPub (from Jarrett Byrnes of OpenPub and NCEAS)

Guest post from Kimmen Sjölander about FAT-CAT phylogenomics pipeline

Worth a read: Jim Staley on a "Universal Species Concept" and the history of microbial species concepts

#DavisCA lockdown update

#DavisCA lockdown lifted

#DavisCA schools on lockdown 2/21/13

The gurus of evolution predict the future #PLOSBiology

Worth a look (from arXiv): Robust estimation of microbial diversity in theory and in practice

Psyched: have rescued old MobileMe and other websites after Apple annoyingly cancelled them by posting to Dropbox

Soliciting opinions on paper "A congruent phylogenomic signal places eukaryotes within the Archaea"

My new microbial art for my office: salt evaporation ponds and goethermal spring stamps

PLoSOne paper: Parallel polymorphisms for pepper population phylogenetics, from #UCDavis, not #Pepperspray

Interesting paper on strategy to use PCR to simultaneously characterize eukaryotic, bacterial and archaeal microbes

Nice timing: Our paper on the Darwin's Finch genome is out today on Darwin's birthday

Harvard Club of Sacramento outing to Yolo Basin #Birds #Birds #MoreBirds