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Who are the microbes on your fruits and veggies?

Human microbiome all over the news (well, the topic that is)

Question - anyone having issues w/ delays/difficulty in the process of getting genomes / metagenomes into Genbank?

First multiple "Overselling the microbiome award": the Daily Mail article on Germs

Just out from TED - Jessica Green on buildings and microbes

HeLa genome sequenced w/o obtaining permission/consent from family - some comments and background

Crosspost: New papers from our undergraduate “microbiology of the built environment” genome sequencing project

A must read: Edge Principal Components and Squash Clustering paper from Matsen and Evans

Open source software tool for the week: AXIOME: automated exploration of microbial diversity

Wanted: examples of family friendly policies for tenure review

Where does your autocomplete take you in your web browser A-Z?

Digging around in National Science Foundation "news" is mostly a lesson in science by press release

YAGGP? - Yet another gratuitous genomics plot?

Sign up: SMBE Satellite Mtg. on Eukaryotic-Omics 4/29-5/2 at #UCDavis

And the winner of the painful microbiology press release of the day: U. Maryland and Shil Dassarma

Guest post from Ashley Bateman on "Full contact microbes" - Roller Derby

Special issue on Women in Science (the field) in Nature (the journal) (articles appear to be freely available too)

Ugg - story about gene transfer/evolution based on NSF press release has a NASA-esque smell

Carin Bondar's Music Video from Science Online 2013 #scio13

Quick post - Nature Publishing Group buys into #OpenAccess publisher Frontiers